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Can I clean my pool myself?

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Ahhhh having your own swimming pool in your own backyard. Yup, that’s the life! We all love the idea of building that dream pool with matching patio furniture so the family and friends can come over and party it up!

It’s cleaning the aftereffects of all that enjoyment we are questioning here. Who does the cleaning? Should you clean your own pool? Should you hire a professional pool cleaning service? Well, lets break a few things down to make the decision easier.

Let’s cover the basics. What does it actually take to maintain a beautiful crystal-clear swimming pool all year round? Here are some things that work:

Cleaning the pool yourself:

  1. Pool pole with a net and a brush
  2. Pool chemical test kit
  3. Pool chemicals or more natural alternatives
  4. A hose with a pressure nozzle
  5. Basic knowledge and an internet connection to learn

Now that you have this, lets talk about using them correctly. Make no mistake if your goal is to have that award-winning pool in your backyard then it will take weekly and, in some cases, multiple days a week worth of cleaning to your pool to get it and keep it that way. Let’s start break it down.


Your going to need something to reach those leaves and debris, grab them and get them out. Your pole and net will do this. Depending on if you have a pool cage or not will depend on how frequently you may need to do this. Among other things like toys, pet dander and party leftovers that may need to be removed.

Now the pole and brush part. This is arguably the most important part of cleaning a swimming pool. Well think of it like brushing your teeth. If you don’t then they get all nasty and fall out! So, for your pool your coping, tile, walls and floors will also get all nasty turn yellow, green and build up mold and algae if you don’t brush then loosening up all that mess for your filter to catch it all.


This is essential for knowing how much chlorine, acid, alkalinity and other essentials need to be added to maintain safe and beautiful swimming water. We recommend the Taylor K-2005 test kit. You will be able to test everything needed to maintain a perfect balance. Make sure you are grabbing water samples from at least 8 inches down from the water’s surface. This helps for a more accurate water testing.


Yes, you will have to be a bit of a chemist! But don’t worry nothing major. Depending on your pool or perhaps spa, you will be using different types of chemicals to shock, balance and maintain safe and clear water chemistry. Typically for most pools you have either a “Liquid Chlorine” or a “Salt Pool aka Chlorine Generator”. This will be your main sanitizer to help kill off that bad bacteria and mold. In addition, you need “Acid” which helps support the chlorine sanitizer. And a balancer for keeping your acid from dropping and spiking drastically.


Keeping your filter clean is crucial to the cleanliness of your pool! You need to shut your system down. Open the filter tank and remove the filter. Then use your hose with a pressure nozzle and spray your filter from the top down. Make sure you are cleaning in between the pleats. When pointing the water at your filter make sure it is angled slightly downward to help push debris down and not straight back deeper into the pleats.


You can always bring your water samples into your local pool supply store to have them test it. A professional should be able to tell you exactly what to do and how to safely guide you down your journey of cleaning your pool yourself. Remember that using the internet can be very helpful but we highly recommend visiting a professional.

OR Hire a Professional

How do you really want to spend the time you have to relax? Scrubbing, testing, messing with chemicals, learning how much of what to add and when to add it? Just to find out that you are going to be spending even more time having your water tested by a professional to tell you what to do? What this all comes down to is simple. Hire a professional that has or is trained by a CPO and pay them to do all that stuff above. You kick back relax and let them do the work. When something goes wrong, then give them a call and they come out and fix it! You have enough on your plate, so enjoy that dream pool to its fullest!

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