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Pool Care - Pool Cleaning Services

Our pool care division, led by Colton Gustin and holds a CPC License (Commercial Pool Contractor), believes that pools should receive the proper attention they deserve by our professional pool cleaning techs.  AquaTech Pools builds beautiful pools and maintains them for clear and healthy swimming all year! We accomplish this through CPO (Certified Pool Operator) licensed employee’s and hands on training with the latest technologies for new and old pools and spas.

What you can expect with our "Standard" pool cleaning services

  • Testing water and documenting
  • Treat water with necessary base chemicals (e.i. bleach, tabs, acid, bi-carb, salt)
  • Skim water surface and below to remove debris
  • Brush pool walls, tile and floor towards the main drain
  • Clean out the skimmer baskets and pump baskets
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Clean your filter or backwash it
  • Adjust pump timer to meet seasonal needs
  • Add water (customer must provide or purchase a water hose timer)
  • Turn heater on/off per customer request at regularly scheduled visits

What you can expect with our "VIPB" pool cleaning services

  • All services from the “Standard” service included
  • Pool service from a CPO Certified Pool Operator only
  • Uniform attire
  • Enhanced weekly computerized reports, enabling remote client monitoring
  • A visual inspection of the premises being secure when you are not in town via an exterior walk-around
  • Beautification of the pool deck, such as limited visual weeding
  • Priority repair ticket submissions
  • Additional diagnosis of service equipment issues (e.i. equipment rebooting)
  • Installation of common repairs (e.i. o-rings, filter lids, gauges, pool vacs)
  • Turning heaters on/off on non-scheduled service days per customers request
  • Occasional visits can be made outside normal service dates*

Our Prices

You can set your mind to ease that we will take the time needed each visit to deliver a cost effective pool cleaning service above the rest! You may choose to pay month to month or annually (annual payments will cover the first 11 months and the 12th month is FREE)

Standard Pool Cleaning Service – starts at $136 per month.

VIPB Pool Cleaning Service – starts at $270 per month.

AquaTech Pool Care Service! - I'm interested!
For payments under $10.00 please contact our office directly. Please call our office at 941-488-3990 or use the Chat Bubble to speak with someone. THANK YOU!

Disclaimer – “After making a payment please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation before making another payment. You can also call our office and one of our awesome employees will help you! This is for paying your Pool Care Service Bill ONLY. If you owe for other things like filters or new pool builds, please use the correct payment location.”